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Patience Victoria O.O.A.K. "fashion doll"
Needle sculpt fashion doll

Fashion dolls, needle sculpt fashion dolls

"O.O.A.K. fashion doll" Collection
All cloth fashion doll
All cloth fashion doll

Lucillin™ Doll Patience Victoria O.O.A.K Fashion Doll


Stands 18" constructed in Lycra material over wired armature cotton fiber interior and features needle sculpted by hand. Her elaborate costume is exclusively designed for her typical of a wedding apparel. Patience is the only one of its kind. For more detail about the doll send us an inquiry .

Lacqueta Bridal Doll among "Black fashion Dolls"
Lcillin Fashion Doll

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Black Fashion Doll

All cloth o.o.a.k. fashion doll

Needle sculpt fashion doll
Lucillin cloth doll design
Fashion Doll
Lucillin O.O.A.K. black fashion doll

#Collectible Black "Fashion Dolls"

These "Fashion  dolls" are  O.O.AK . fashion dolls. All our "fashion dolls  are constructed in nylons over wired armature, costumed in quality materials satin, organza, chiffon, and sequence. soft throw shoulder piece.The doll is hilariously glammerous with a wide laughing feature which makes her unique against all other dolls. One doll displayed in different costumes.

"Black fashion doll" fashion

O.o.a.k.fashion Doll

A Lucillin™ original all cloth  doll design collection.

O.o.a.k Fashion Doll

One of a kind all cloth needle sculpt fashion dolls

All cloth fashion Doll needle sculpt

Lucillin™ original Fashion Doll

One of a kind fashion doll needle sculpted in nylons.

Black Fashion Doll 

Lucillin™original all cloth doll design black fashion doll, painted features, sculpt by hands, constructed in poly cotton material synthetic braided hair style, cloth footwear made on, stands 16" tall. A unique collection

Lucillin™ Fashion Dolls 

O.o.a.k fashion dolls cloth doll needle sculpt by hand a one of a kind 26" standing winter collection. 

Black Fashion Dolls​​

Lacqueta bride is a "O O A K "Fashion Doll" collection typical of the dream of girls video as they fantasize their wedding day.A day of excitement flowing gown and a bridal party to celebrate the beginning of a new life.

Lucillin™ fashion doll collection in multiple choices custom made to specification , exclusively costumed to enhance the features and characterize the doll. Each doll is a work of art lovingly carved.

 O.o.a.k. needle  sculpt fashion dolls

Lucillin™ o.o.a.k. fashion Dolls,"black fashion Dolls" are original "fashion Dolls" skilfully hand made in poly cotton material and. or nylons to give the perfect smile that characterize a lovable image one may desire while admiring the art work.

The collection of #Lucillin "fashion dolls" are variable, they are constructed in 100% cloth, cotton fiber interior and synthetic hair; their footwear also designed in cloth to complement their costumes.   

Black Fashion doll needle sculpt
LNeedle sculpt "fashion doll"
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Collectible needle sculpted "black fashion doll"
Black Fashion Doll

O.o.a.k. fashion doll.needle sculpt  by hand in nylons.

Lucillin "BlackFashion Doll" Mittse
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