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Lucillindollfun Doll Design Fashion Dolls

Lcillin All Cloth Play Doll Designs

Fun and fashion a creative home business idea of multicultural collectible play dolls and one of a kind gift items in human realism fashion dolls,  lovable and safe toy dolls,  for baby and toddler in multiple choices beautifully costumed to mimic the real world of children and adults fashion trends.


Because cloth is the most trusted friendly element to human beings we specialize in designing the safest play dolls that ensures comfort and warmth to every child who will own one of our designs.

Our dolls are original no part is copied or borrowed they are timely and skillfully developed professionally and presented to all who will appreciate the work of art in cloth.

We welcome you to inquire about our custom doll making and designs to your specification  and your own copyright. Make your child's doll say what you want it to say with that identity you want it to have, we design dolls in multiple choices, we'll make them just the way you want..

Lucillin Winter Fashion Doll
Great fashion doll design

​​​​​"Fashions fade, style is eternal reality."

  • At Lucillin™ Dolls Fun we mimic the real world in fashion, our O.O.A.K Fashion Dolls to keep the excitement going with the fashion trend.

Lucillin Fashion Doll

All Cloth Doll Designer Fashion Dolls


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Lucillin fashion doll Nathalee
Lucilda Evans, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author
Lucillindoll fun fashion design

O.O.A.K. Fashion Doll. Work at home business idea in the art of doll designs ballarina style.

Lucillin Doll Fun  Cloth Doll Design Winter Fashion Dolls

Lucillin Fashion Doll

Consult with us for your custom sewing needs, Type your message on the contsct form provided below.

Lucillin multicultural all cloth dolls read more here .

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to Lucillin Cloth Doll Designs Multicultural Dolls Fun N Fashion.

Lucillin Fashion Doll

Lucillindoll™ Fun N Fashion #Cloth #Doll  Design

  • Keeping the fun in doll making we design our own doll styles to suit the mood of each doll, we make them unique each has its own story.

O.O.A.K. Fashion Doll. at LucillinDoll Design.

All cloth Fashion Doll
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Mitsee Doll all year round collectible "gift" "Fashion Doll"

​Work at Home Business Ideas

 O.O.A.K All cloth  Fashion Doll Collection is a work at home business idea.

The doll is a piece of art  work developed at  home business  ideas from a hobby.

AT Home Business Ideas

​​#Lucillin #Fashion Dolls

  • "The great thing about fashion is that it is here to stay and always looks forward."

  • Creative Work at Home Business Ideas

  • Lucillindollsfun "Fashion Dolls" are the original creation of a work "at home business idea" developed from a hobby. Lucilda Evans the "all cloth doll designer" specializes in manipulating cloth creatively to a likeness in dolls that are different but lovable.

  • As a "doll designer" the artist skillfully combined her professional abilities to effect a business idea working from the comfort of home While enjoying the things she takes pleasure in doing best.

  • The dolls are designed in cloth; the features are air brushed painted or needle sculpt by hand skillfully for lasting values. Each doll is unique, we have designed a multicultural variety to reflect on International communities  providing multiple choices to consumers. They are made in compliance with International safety standard

  • We will design your doll to your specification for a price reasonable according to your requirement; you will own the copyrights to any such work upon completion when full payment is received.

  • Yes, the Canadian fashion community is a strong one, made up of innovative designers, top-notch models, and fashion aficionados from Toronto to Quebec to Manitoba, Nova Scotia to British Columbia. When Canadian fashion trends break, you'll read all about it right here. 
Lucillin Doll Rachel the beautiful "Fashion Doll"
Lucillin Rochelle O.O.A.K. cloth doll collection.
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Lucillin OOAK cloth doll
Lucilda Evans, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author
Doll Roxan a childlike collection "Fashion Doll"
Lucillindoll fun N Fashion

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